Site of a collector of antique pedal cars and engine powered cars for kids!

Welcome to this site! It has been dedicated to the unique passion of cars and pedal toys for children.

You have travelled so far because you are like me. So, do not hesitate to run through the different pages, to enrich them for everyone’s pleasure.

Is there any particular form of permanent illness explaining that even though we have grown up and have become adults, we are still enraptured over pedal cars?

Collecting, gathering, selecting, evaluating to finally find the so long beloved toy…

It is always so exciting to eventually discover the small four-wheeled toy you could as Daddy would use his own car… Remember the very moment when you could choose your itinerary and become the master of your own destiny.

Yes indeed, this is it: it means having the possibility to do what grown ups do, the plunge into an exhilarating world of fantasy. This world belongs to the children who want to pretend to be adults. It is a world where cars may be repaired thanks to spells and where car accidents never injure people and turn into great memorable bursts of laughter between friends…

In this world tin soldiers stand back up on their legs again after battles where they got killed, where castles are made of sand and where children confide in their Teddy bears.

As you run through these pages it becomes possible to seek a certain form of happiness for yourself of course but also for the people the same passion, to share the tenderness involved in the giving of gifts.

These toys were given to us to help us awaken our intellectual capabilities, to give the opportunity to pretend to be old, to learn, in other words, to become a grown up.

They may be viewed as pure industrial products, ordinary objects that witnessed important moments of our childhoods. The materials they were made of, their designs and the colours they were given left their marks on their time.

Produced on a large scale, some of them have resisted to the damaging power of passing time, to removals and spring – cleanings.

Ladies and gentlemen please respect them, touch them, smell them, close your eyes and remember the dawn of your lives, the moments that have led you here.

Happiness and only pure happiness, this all I want to say!


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